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Leather,Pipe Cutting Blade

Product Abstract:

Our cutting blade selection of quality wear resistant materials,after forging,heat treatment,grinding,has high precision and good abrasion resistance.We accept custome and can provide samples.

Product Description

Leather,Pipe Cutting Blade


Leather,Pipe Cutting Blade

Leather,Pipe Cutting Blade

Leather,Pipe Cutting Blade

Products applicable to various industries and fields ,the products are widely used in :

1.ceramics, printing machinery, paper, carton,paper tube, forestry, plastic machinery, food machinery, textile, electronics, light industry

2,.aluminum foil, metal film,tobacco, cigarette materials, packaging materials, BOOP film, edge sealing, seal, bottom sealing machine

3.wood processing,food packaging, wire and cable, steel smelting, shipbuilding, chemical, textile, plastics, leather,and other industries.


Product Information Leather machine up-down knife
Product Size Customized
Product thickness Customized
Processing material 9CRSI,CR12MOV,W6MO5CR4V2,W18CR4V, Carbide,HSS ,Stainless Steel,etc
Surface treatment Routine processing

Leather,Pipe Cutting Blade

1.Leather machine blade is mainly used for slitting the paper、adhesive tape、magnetic tape 、film 、gold、silver、copper、aluminum、

titanium ally foil and so on.

2.These high-grade metal foil slitting require high precision,no burr,no compression phenomenon, Therefore, the slitting is more difficult,

Then it has high requirements for the tool precision of cross cutting and slitting. In view of this difficult problem, Our company introduced

the world's most advanced CNC grinding machine and cutting tool technology experts, after a long period of research and development ,

our company produce what to replace the imported high precision micrometer slitting blade .

3.Wells use high-tech technology, The blade is made of ceramic composite and tungsten carbide is treated on the blade surface,

so the blade is not easy to wear and tear when cutting and does not touch the powder, reduce the friction when slitting .It solves the difficult

problem , greatly improves the slitting accuracy and speed,and prolong service life of the blade. The development of this tool saves

a lot of cost for customers.

Leather,Pipe Cutting Blade

Leather,Pipe Cutting Blade

Leather,Pipe Cutting Blade

Leather,Pipe Cutting Blade

Leather,Pipe Cutting Blade

Leather,Pipe Cutting Blade

Q1.Do you accept custom?

A1.Yes,our can be customized according to your needs. According to the type of machine and slitting,

we have almost all kinds of blades.


Q2. If you want to customize the product,you can follow these steps.

A2.1.First you need to provide the size of the blade you need,such as the length,the diameter ,etc.

      2.Second you need to provide the material 

     3.It will be better,if you can offer the drawing.


Q3.Do you offer free samples? Is it free or extra?

A3.Yes,we could offer the sample for free charger but you should pay some shipping cost.


Q4.Is there cheap shipping cost to import to our country?

A4. For small order, Express will be the best, And for bulk order, ocean shipping way is best but take longer time.

For urgent orders, we suggest via air to airport or by Express send to your door.


Q5.How long is the delivery time?

A5.Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock, or it is 15-20 days, if the goods are not in stock. It is according to quantity.

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