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The uses of cutting blade
2017-09-26 17:37:48

Slitting circular kinfe is mainly used in lithium batteries,electronics,rubber,paper,film,aluminum foil and othe goods,request the blade to cut off the least resistance,wear resistance is the largest.Due to the accuracy requirement of the commodity rjmicron grade must sometimes,achieve accuracy.

Pipe cutting machine blade is mainly used in pipe production line of the cutting tool,and the tube(including paper tube,copper pipe,aluminum pipe,steel pipe)speed synchronous movement,along the pipe the pereipheral rotating at the same time,slowly to the center cut in,cut the pipe.Leather blade is mainly used for slitting and cutting all kinds of leather.

food better enhances food mechanization processing the food cutting blade quality and the production potency,needs the quality good cutting tool,but the present our country majority of cutting tools rely on the import,.

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